Doing Our part to keep you safe by keeping you informed…

Having access to reliable and firsthand information can be the difference between making a poor decision and one that could alter the entire course of your life.


Exposing The Truth On Behalf Of Your Safety And Well-Being

Exposed Australia is a community of women working together to help keep one another safe, informed and empowered.

Our community shares firsthand and reliable information that originates from the personal experiences of our members.

We provide this information so that our members can stay safe by making informed and powerful choices.

We share the truth so you can stay safe.

Exposing The Ugly Truth

We use every private or public resource available to keep you safe and informed.

We go above and beyond to share current and past criminal records, upcoming trials and criminal convictions, restraining orders, warrants, arrest, upcoming releases from incarceration, and anything else that could cause you harm or is a clear indication of disturbing behavior.


Sharing Is Caring

Sharing firsthand experiences with our members is some of the most valuable information that helps in making the right choices that keep women safe.

Our members share personal and firsthand knowledge so that our members are kept informed.

It’s an open forum that catches cheaters, allows others to ask questions about potential love interests and also exposes the past behaviors of the men in question.

Membership To Peace Of Mind

Our private membership ensures your anonymity so that you stay safe and informed.

We provide a members only area where you have access to the most current information that we are given, as well as be able to provide valuable information to our other members.

Providing our members safety, anonymity and accurate information is our top priority.


Join the community of all women helping one another stay safe, informed and empowered.

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