Your safety and well-being matters most...

Be sure to to stay informed before making a life altering decision. 

Peace of mind is well worth the investment.

keeping yourself safe by staying informed

Let's be honest for a moment; sometimes we make really dumb decisions when it comes to guys, and sometimes we completely lose all ability to think clearly.

By joining Exposed Australia, we'll help you make better decisions that won't leave you asking;

"what the hell was I thinking"

instead you'll get...


Keeping you safe by keeping you informed, just in case prince charming is really a frog underneath all the bullshit he’s feeding you.


Keeping your identity private and secure from the douche bags, dirt bags and snitches who forget the girl code, is our top priority.


Having accurate information is imperative to our safety, but most importantly it prevents us from making dumb-ass decisions that we’ll regret later on.


Safety is paramount, however so is having a good time. Even if you never interact with the group, you will surely be entertained by the conversations within the group.

Expose A Cheater Save A Heart

Okay we're not surgeons over here, but we may prevent a broken heart.

Cheaters Never Prosper...

No one likes to be cheated on because it doesn't feel good, not to mention makes us feel like another notch in the belt. So join the group and help a girl out so she can avoid all that nonsense and drama.

how it works...


Join Exposed Australia and get access to a secure members only area that gives you access to important information only for members.


Securely send us information that you wish to share and find out about through our private and protected members only area.


Receive email notifications when new information is available and access it through our secure and private members only area.

Protect Yourself And Your Lady Bits

We're not giving out black belts over here, but we are here to help keep you safe.

Safety Comes First...

Your physical, mental and emotional health is super important for your well-being, and we're here to lend a bit of extra protection.

Thanks to this group, you have prevented me from heart break…as you all know I was dating "Jared" and something was off.

My heart dropped when I saw his photograph on Exposed, stating how he had been cheating on his wife…I was the other woman and I didn't even know…I was gob smacked to find out he had kids…everything he told me was a lie…everything…I felt so sorry for his wife…beauties trust your gut instinct…once a cheater always a cheater.


Exposed has really helped me sort out from the “nutters”, the fuck boys and the stay clear of guys…I love Exposed…I love the girl code.

Makes dating so much more interesting and safer…it's like a catalog of guys to AVOID at all cost…thank you Exposed for all you do for us.


your well-being and peace of mind is well worth the investment

It may not taste as good as that fancy cup of coffee you drink, but it's a solid investment towards your safety and well-being .

get started today!

Make a small investment in to your self that will give you a large return towards your safety and well-being.


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100% satisfaction guarantee!

We're going to do our part to provide you with the value you deserve, however if for some reason we don't, let us know or cancel at anytime.

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